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Dirty HVAC systems and ducting can reduce indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

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Quality Comfort air duct cleaning service addresses dirty air ducts and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and maximize the efficiency of your comfort systems.

In a typical sized home or small commercial building up to 40 pounds of dust can accumulate annually.

Your central heating and air conditioning systems are the lungs of your home or office. These systems take in air and pushes air out.

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Even with the use of filters, the system will get dirty over time. This is especially important when considering newly built homes or houses that have just undergone remodeling. The HVAC system that you have spent thousands of dollars to install is immediately exposed to pounds of dust and dirt. This makes it even more important to clean air ducts when moving into a new home or after a renovation.

Our Process

Our duct cleaning service expert will insert a hose into each individual supply and return. Our professional grade equipment will put the entire air duct system under negative pressure and clean the vents with high pressured air to force all dirt and debris into a high powered vacuum. A 10 inch circle will be cut into the supply and the return to connect our vacuum and access the entire trunk line. This is the most effective way to ensure that all of the supply and returns get cleaned completely and efficiently. After the service expert has removed all dust and debris from each of your supply and return vents, he will then apply an anti-microbial spray to the entire duct system. This works as whole-home sanitation that will eliminate germs and bacteria that may be growing in your duct-work. This ensures the air coming from your ducts is clean and healthy to breathe.

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Duct Cleaning Cost

Air Duct cleaning pricing is based on the square footage of your home. A typical duct cleaning requires about 4 hours.

1,500 sq. ft. and under = $349
1,501 - 2,500 sq. ft. = $449
2,501 - 3,500 sq. ft. = $549
3,501 - 4,500 sq. ft. = $649

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts
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How Long Does Duct Cleaning Take?

Our typical air duct cleaning process takes approximately 3-4 hours. There are some factors involved including the ability to remove the vent covers, the number of vents in the home and the amount of dirt and debris in the ductwork so this time can vary.

How Our Duct Cleaning Price is Different

Often you are given a duct cleaning cost based on the number of vents in your home or, even more difficult, a price that only includes a certain number of vents. You don’t find out the additional cost to clean the entire home until the technician has arrived. How many people actually know how many vents they have?

At Quality Comfort, we want to be upfront and transparent with our pricing. That is why we provide you with an air duct cleaning cost based on the square footage of your home that includes all of your vents, returns and main trunk line. This flat rate price will not change and there will be no surprises once the technician arrives that inflate the cost.

Another difference with our service is that we include antimicrobial spray with all of our vent cleanings. Our competition will charge extra for this service, but we feel it’s important so we include it on every job!

Add a dryer vent cleaning during your air duct cleaning appointment and get $50 off your dryer vent cleaning service!

4 Benefits of Duct Cleaning

1. Healthier Air

Quality Comfort cleans and sanitizes all your ductwork. This will help clean anything that your filters may have missed and help to recirculate cleaner air into the home.

2. Removes Unpleasant Odors

The buildup of bacteria, mold, dust and other particulates in your air ducts can lead to a stale smell in your home that isn’t actually coming from the fridge like you thought! Air duct cleaning helps remove contaminants that produce this smell.

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3. Reduces Dust

The dust and debris we generate in our home gets recirculated into your HVAC system 5-7 times per day. A lot of this resides in your ductwork. Cleaning out the largest source of dust in the home will allow you to dust less and breathe cleaner air in the months to come.

4. Improves HVAC System Performance

According to the US Department of Energy, 24 to 40% of the energy using for heating and cooling a home is wasted. Dust and dirt buildup will lessen the operating efficiency of your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and shorten its life span. Removing this buildup will increase its efficiency, allowing your system to run longer and more affordably.

How Often Should I Clean My Ducts?

At Quality Comfort, we recommend duct cleaning annually if you suffer from any respiratory ailments. If you have pets, every 2 years is a good schedule for air duct cleaning. For those with no pets and low foot traffic in the home, every 3 years is recommended for an air duct clean. Finally, we always recommend a vent cleaning after any water damage, home renovation projects or upon moving into a new home because nobody wants to live other people’s dust and debris in their air, right?

According to the NADCA, these factors can increase the need for regular air duct cleaning:

  • Having pets
  • Occupants with respiratory ailments such as asthma
  • Occupants that suffer from allergies
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Water damage to the home or HVAC system
  • Home renovation or remodeling

If you suffer from severe respiratory or allergy issues, have numerous pets, or have other serious concerns about the quality of your air, we recommend learning more about our air quality products.