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Air Duct Cleaning in Cincinnati

Dirty HVAC systems and ducting can reduce indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Duct Cleaning Cincinnati

Quality Comfort air duct cleaning service addresses dirty air ducts and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and maximize the efficiency of your comfort systems.

In a typical sized home or small commercial building up to 40 pounds of dust can accumulate annually.

Your central heating and air conditioning systems are the lungs of your home or office. These systems take in air and pushes air out.

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Even with the use of filters, the system will get dirty over time. This is especially important when considering newly built homes or houses that have just undergone remodeling. The HVAC system that you have spent thousands of dollars to install is immediately exposed to pounds of dust and dirt. This makes it even more important to clean air ducts when moving into a new home or after a renovation.

We clean both supply vents and returns with whole home sanitation. Don't be fooled by low prices that only account for vents, leaving you to pay more to get a true clean.

Free Duct Cleaning Inspections

We will take a camera inside your duct work to determine if you have any debris build up, mold or blockage that would benefit from a full air duct cleaning. We will share these photos with you during our examination.

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Duct Cleaning Cost

Air Duct cleaning pricing is based on the square footage of your home. A typical duct cleaning requires about 4 hours.

1,500 sq. ft. and under = $349
1,501 - 2,500 sq. ft. = $449
2,501 - 3,500 sq. ft. = $549
3,501 - 4,500 sq. ft. = $649

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts
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