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Total Care Club: Plumbing and HVAC Service Plan

Quality Comfort Home Services is your local comfort specialist. That is why we want to help you protect your investment in home comfort. Just like a car, your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or water heater needs routine maintenance to ensure they are running efficiently and reliably. If something does happen, you also want to know you’re covered quickly and affordably – not to mention you’ll be paying 10% less for any repairs as a Total Care Club member! That’s peace of mind. Give our team of experts a call to keep your comfort systems running for years to come without putting a huge hole in your wallet.

Protect Your Investment in Comfort with Yearly Maintenance Agreements

Our service agreements take care of two of your most expensive household areas: the HVAC and plumbing. You invest a lot into your home, so it only makes sense that you maintain it each year to ensure as much longevity as possible. Picking and choosing maintenance services can get expensive, so we bundle them all together in one low price. All you do is sign up and forget about it! When you call, you’ll automatically be bumped to the top of our list for priority service and 10% will automatically come off your HVAC and plumbing cost whenever repairs are needed. Trip charges? Not for you! You’ll get those free during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and discounted service after hours. Thinking about adding some air quality upgrades like a humidifier, dehumidifier or UV light? You’ll get 10% off the cost of those too! But what if you don’t need a single service call all year? We’ve built our maintenance plans so that even if you don’t need a service call every year (and we hope you don’t!) you are still paying less for your AC, furnace and plumbing maintenance than retail cost. Sometimes bundling really does make more sense – but don’t tell the cable company we said that…

With Total Care Club membership options from 1 year, up to 10 years, there is a maintenance agreement to fit every need. The more years you stick with us, the more you save per year! Don’t worry, you will not automatically be enrolled again when your maintenance agreement membership expires, we will contact you to see if you’d like to renew.

See below for pricing options and simply fill out the form or give us a call to request more information or sign up for our Total Care Club! If you have more than one HVAC system, you get 50% off the second system.


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What You Get With Your Total Care Club Service Agreement

$356/Year Minimum Value

  • Receive 1 heating and 1 cooling tune up per year [value: $158]
  • Receive 1 plumbing inspection per year [value: $99]
  • Receive 1 water heater inspection/flush per year [value: $99]
  • 10% OFF all HVAC repairs
  • 10% OFF all plumbing repairs
  • 10% OFF duct cleaning
  • 10% OFF dryer vent cleaning
  • 10% OFF indoor air quality products
  • FREE trip charges during normal business hours [value: $68 per trip]
  • Discounted after hours/emergency service trip charges
  • Priority service