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Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost

$149 for 1st floor

$199 for 2nd floor

Animal Proof Dryer Vent Covers

animal proof dryer vent coverMost homes are built with the old plastic louvered dryer vent cover design. These types of dryer vent covers do not hold up well to the elements and often one of the louvers eventually erodes or breaks due to UV damage. The other issue with these types of caps is that they are easily accessible to birds, mice, bugs, etc. Many of our dryer vent cleaning calls are to remove birds’ nests from dryer vent lines. All of our dryer vent termination cover replacements are animal proof and feature a removable bird and rodent guard. They are durable and weather-resistant to last through the changing weather for years to come. The vent closure is also designed for optimum airflow.