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$99 Duct Cleaning? Really?

Question: Are $99 duct cleaning offers too good to be true?

Answer: While some low-cost promotions are legitimate attempts to attract customers, $99 duct cleaning deals often come with hidden fees and limitations. Opt for transparent pricing based on square footage to ensure a thorough and honest air duct cleaning for your entire home, avoiding the pitfalls of misleading advertising.

Low duct cleaning costs like $99 and even sometimes $49 can be seen in all of the Reach Magazines, Val Pak ads and so many other highly trafficked advertising mediums. We’ve all seen them and there have been varying reactions.

  1. WOW, what a great deal! I am going to call this duct cleaning company right now.”
  2. “Hmm, I wonder if this is a legitimate offer or some kind of scam…”
  3. “I wonder how many hidden fees they are going to throw at me once they get in the door.”

If you answered B or C to the choices above, you are on the right track with the message we want to send to homeowners! These low cleaning costs are dressed up to look pretty and make you feel comfortable, just like the big bad wolf when he was trying to eat Goldie Locks.  Low prices always draw lots of attention, that’s why companies like to use them to get you to call. In some cases, these low prices are legitimate and just a good way for businesses to get you to try them out and get to know them better. They are hoping to build a relationship with you and really leave a lasting impression on that first service. We do that too, so we get it!

However, in our experience with duct cleaning costs that are under $100, this has never been the case. Make sure you are reading the fine print on these special offers and coupons – and putting on your glasses if you can’t see grandma (or the coupon print) clearly. Typically, they only include a certain number of vents – maybe 10 or so. Have you ever called one of these companies and they’ve asked you how many vents you have? I have no idea how many vents I have! I would actually have to go around my house and count. Once these companies get into your home, then the real fun starts. You find out your price only includes 10 vents and you have 30! Then you have to pay per vent for the rest if you actually want the entire home’s ducts cleaned.

That is why our pricing is based on square footage and includes ALL of your vents, no matter how many. That is something you should look for when choosing a company to clean your air ducts. The price you see is the price you are actually paying to get your ENTIRE home clean, not just 1/3 of your ducts and maybe one supply or return. No trickery or grandma costumes here, just upfront pricing!

Air duct cleaning is great and can make your air less stale and dusty, among other benefits, but something else you should also ask is how the company you have chosen to clean your ducts is going to prevent mold or other growth in the future inside your ductwork. Our answer is that we have an anti-microbial spray that we apply inside your ducts after we’ve cleaned out any dirt and grime with our brush system. You can read more about our duct cleaning process here. If this isn’t included in the price you’re given, ask how much extra that is going to cost.

Key Takeaway: Beware of $99 duct cleaning offers – the seemingly great deals may hide hidden fees and limitations. Many such promotions include a limited number of vents, leading to additional charges. Choose transparent pricing based on square footage for a comprehensive cleaning without surprises.

Before you decide to go with the lowest price, consider what you are ACTUALLY getting. Often times the old adage is true – you get what you pay for (actually in this instance you aren’t even getting all of what you think you have paid for, but you get the point!)