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There is never a good time to discover your furnace not working. However, it may be an easy fix.

Check your filter

We always recommend checking your furnace filter before calling for any HVAC service. A dirty filter can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and eventually shut down all together. If your filter is dirty, you may find that air is still blowing from your vents, but it may not be very warm or it may be less air overall. To check if the filter is dirty, just pull it out from the furnace and try to see through it. If you cannot see through the filter, then it needs to be changed. If the furnace isn’t working properly and you find a dirty filter – go ahead and replace the filter and wait an hour or so to see if operation improves.

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Check your thermostat

It sounds like a no-brainer, but if your furnace is not working you should go verify that you have your thermostat set to “heat mode.” It’s possible one of the kids played with it or you have a scheduled setting that is causing the temperature to be lower than you’d like. If there is a thermostat settings issue then it’s likely that the furnace is still able to blow air, but it may not blow when you want, or it may not be keeping up the temperature that you’d like.

If the thermostat screen is completely blank or has a low battery indicator on the display and the furnace is not blowing any air, try changing the batteries. If you look inside the battery compartment and see corrosion, it is likely that the batteries are the issue.

furnace switch

Make sure the furnace switch is ‘on”

The furnace switch turns power on and off to the furnace. It is on the side of the furnace or mounted on the wall. If this is switched off then your furnace will not be able to operate at all and the furnace will not turn on. You may also notice that there is no power to your thermostat and it has a blank screen. Turn the power switch back to the “on” position and see if proper operation commences. 

Check air vents

Check the vents in each room to make sure they are open and that airflow is not being obstructed by furniture or other items. If it is an issue with the vents in the home, then your furnace will still be blowing warm air, but it may be less air than desired in certain rooms, causing those areas to be cold.

Check for tripped breaker

If the furnace is unable to blow air at all, check the breaker box for a tripped breaker that is in the “off” position. Hopefully your breaker box is labeled neatly so it is easy to find the breaker that is responsible for power to the furnace. If you find the breaker for the furnace is off, flip the switch back on to see if that solves the problem.

Older furnace? If you have an older furnace – think 20 years old or more – you may also want to check to see if the pilot light is lit. You can do this by looking through the window on the furnace. You should see a blue flame. Pilot lights are no longer used on newer, more efficient furnaces.

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These are the main areas you can check yourself if your furnace isn’t working. There are many other culprits inside and around the furnace that could be causing your issue like the flame sensor, blower motor, limit switch and much more. We do not recommend an attempt at DIY repair or diagnosis on any of these furnace components. If the above doesn’t seem to fix your issue, you should call for professional furnace repair.

Furnace Maintenance

Getting regular maintenance on your furnace will help to ensure less breakdowns and a longer lifespan. Your furnace is a big investment so protecting it and making sure it works as efficiently as possible is important. Heating maintenance is recommended annually. Your tune up does not have to be completed in the fall, any time during the heating season is sufficient to perform maintenance. 

Contact A Furnace Repair Company

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