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Where can I use a mini split?

Mini split air conditioners are especially useful in these cases:

  • Multiple story homes with large temperature differentials between floors
  • Children’s rooms
  • Home additions
  • Garages/sheds
  • Three season rooms
  • Replacing window AC units
  • Older or historic homes with poor existing ductwork
  • Homes that want the highest efficiency ratings and lowest operating costs

What is considered a “zone?”

A zone is any space in your home that you want to temperature control. This is typically going to be one room or area like a living room, garage, bedroom or basement. If you keep the doors open to the space often, then you may be able to temperature control a wider area of the home with this zone, but most often you will want one indoor unit/zone per space you want to comfort control.

hot or cold spots - ductless mini splits

The question is often asked, “How big can one zone be?” The largest single zone mini split system is a 2 ton. This unit can heat or cool up to 1,000 square feet, depending on how many windows are present and the height of the ceiling. If your zone is larger than 1,000 square feet it is recommended to use a multi zone system.

What kind of filter does a ductless mini split use?

Mini split systems have a washable filter located in the indoor unit. The frequency with which you should clean this air filter depends on usage of the ductless air conditioner and where it is located. Sometimes it is recommended to clean these more frequently than standard central air conditioning systems, up to 2 or 3 times per year.

Pros of ductless air conditioners

  1. Customized temperature control where you want it
  • No more hot or cold spots in the home
  1. Energy savings
  • Turn off the heating or cooling in areas you aren’t using to save on energy bills.
  • Because ductless units do not use ductwork, you don’t have to worry about conditioned air being lost via duct leakage. According to gov, about 20-30% of air conditioned air leaks out through the ductwork.
  • Mini splits units are also higher in efficiency than standard central air conditioners.

Cons of mini split ACs

  1. Unlike just having an outdoor unit on a traditional air conditioner, you will also have an indoor wall unit that you won’t be able to hide (unless you go with one of the upgraded mini split options from LG that double as a picture frame)
  2. The installation cost will still be comparable or more than a standard air conditioning system if you have functional ductwork in place already. If you do not, then a ductless AC will actually save you a lot on the installation costs.

lg art cool mini split

Many would list the appearance of a mini split line from the outside as a con as well, but at Quality Comfort we use a paintable line hide to cover the line set, drain and control wire if it has to run down the side of the home.

If you’re near the Cincinnati area and would like a free estimate on installing a ductless mini split, please reach out to us at 513.620.HVAC or you can book your estimate online at Quality Comfort Home Services is an LG Excellence Certified Contractor.