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In Cincinnati, our furnaces work hard during the fall and winter, sometimes here and there during the spring too! It’s easy to keep choosing the repair route for your heating system because it’s the cheaper and faster option.  However, those repairs do add up over time so if you’ve put more into your furnace than it’s worth, then you may want to consider your replacement options. If your furnace is newer and the repairs are minor and few, then continuing to do repairs makes sense. Annual furnace tune-ups will make repairs on your system less frequent and make sure it is operating at peak capacity, which should mean more affordable operation and fewer major breakdowns. Ask your local HVAC contractor about their annual maintenance plans.

Recap, when you should have furnace repairs:

  1. Your furnace is less than 10 years old
  2. Your furnace has been well maintained (i.e. annual maintenance and proper repairs)
  3. The repair is minor
  4. Your furnace has not needed numerous or very costly repairs
  5. Your furnace is under warranty

When the repair method no longer makes sense, it’s time to look at what options are available for furnace replacement.

Replacing your furnace is always a good option if it is over 12-15 years old. The efficiencies of equipment are changing and if your system is that old then it is probably costing you more money each month in operation than its worth in the long run. Looking at newer and more efficient options will be an upfront cost, but a long-term savings.  To save even more on your replacement, consider replacing your AC and furnace at the same time for a matched system. This way you will have a warranty on both and typically also get a discount for doing a complete system.

It also makes sense to replace your furnace if the repair bills are higher than what you paid for the unit and no longer covered under warranty.

Finally, if you have a cracked heat exchanger then there is no other choice than replacement.  Replacing a heat exchanger is almost as costly as the entire unit and typically signifies that there was a larger problem somewhere, such as your furnace being the wrong size for your home. A crack in your heat exchanger is not always visible, we find it best to use a camera or perform a combustion test to check for excessive carbon monoxide in the flue pipe and ductwork.

Recap, when you should get a new furnace replacement:

  1. Cracked heat exchanger
  2. Older than 12-15 years/Low efficiency
  3. No longer under warranty
  4. When your AC is the same age as a broken-down furnace
  5. When repairs are frequent or very expensive

If you would like to schedule a free estimate on a new furnace or a service call for furnace repairs near Cincinnati, OH, you can do so online at or by calling us at 513-620-HVAC (4822)