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Why This Can Be Normal During Extreme Heat

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This is something we hear a lot this time of year, especially during a heat wave. Sometimes it signifies that you have an A/C problem, but sometimes it is actually no reason to worry. Let’s set the scene…

It’s 95 degrees outside and feels like over 100. Your thermostat is set on 72, but your house can’t seem to cool below 75 degrees. You think to yourself “something must be wrong with my A/C, it’s not keeping up and I need to call someone.”

HOWEVER, your AC not reaching your regular set temperature is often very normal for extreme heat situations and here’s why:

Your A/C system is sized for the temperatures it will experience 99% of the time, not the extreme 1%. If it were sized to fill the need during that 1% time frame, it would be oversized and extremely costly to cool your home on a regular basis.

So, consider bumping up your thermostat and turning on some fans in those extremely hot few days to save your unit from running continuously. Also, make sure to limit the amount of heat you are creating indoors by cooking less and making sure to run bath fans when showering. Just keep in mind your air conditioner will not be able to keep your house as cool as you’ve been accustomed to the rest of the summer, but as soon as more normal weather resumes, it should be back to the temperature to which you’re accustomed.

When You May Need AC Service

Your air conditioner should be able to keep a 20-degree differential between outside temperatures and the inside of your home. So, if it is 95 degrees outside, your AC may only reach 75 degrees inside. If it cannot do that, then you may need AC service, or your AC unit may not be properly sized.

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