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is duct cleaning a waste of money

If you start to type in “is duct cleaning” into your google search bar, the chances are the very first thing that will pop up is the question “is duct cleaning a waste of money?” Clearly there’s some disagreement on this topic so we’d like to shed some light on the matter.

First and foremost, the short answer is – no, duct cleaning is not a waste of money when done correctly and at intervals of time that make sense.

Duct cleaning does not need to be performed too frequently unless you have a special circumstance that may be aided by doing so. 

  • If you have allergies to dust or other respiratory ailments, we recommend every 1-2 years.
  • If you have pets that shed every 2 years is a good schedule for cleaning.
  • If you have low foot traffic in the home and no pets, then every 3 years is recommended for duct cleaning.

Other circumstances where a duct cleaning would be recommended outside of the suggested schedule would be:

  • After having a mold treatment in the ductwork – having duct cleaning after mold remediation will reduce the contaminants that still exist in the ductwork and lessen any chance of recontamination and new mold growth. Let us be clear though, this is after a mold remediation treatment. Duct cleaning itself will not treat a mold issue and should not be completed until any mold is removed.
  • After moving into a new home – this helps give you a truly clean slate for moving into your new home. Humans shed 2 million skin cells every hour, so you can see how those would add up and wind up in the air and ductwork. We recommend having a duct cleaning so the old homeowners and their debris are truly out of the home.
  • After completing renovations – renovations, especially any that include dry wall of any kind, leave a lot of drywall dust and particles behind. Much of this ends up in the ductwork and is recirculated through the HVAC system over and over again.

When talking about if duct cleaning is a waste of money, we have to talk about the $49 and $99 duct cleanings you see in the magazines and ads. 9 times out of 10, these are just a bait and switch tactic to get into your home and will not actually provide a full cleaning of your ductwork. Some questions that should be asked of these low-price duct cleanings are:

  • Does it include the main trunkline?
  • How many vents and returns does it include?
  • Does it include any sanitation treatment?
  • Can you provide before/after pictures?

Professional duct cleaning that actually cleans every vent, every return and the main trunk line takes multiple hours and expensive equipment to do correctly. A company that only charges $99 most likely can’t afford the proper equipment and isn’t going to spend enough time to ensure the full system is actually clean. 

Duct cleaning can provide many benefits when done properly.

duct cleaning dirty ducts
The “before” photo from one of our duct cleanings
  1. Creates healthier air in the home
  2. Helps get rid of that “stale” smell you may have
  3. Reduces the amount of dust in the air
  4. Improves HVAC system performance by ensuring less dust and dirt buildup in the heating and cooling system. You may also notice your filter needing changed less frequently after the first couple changes post-cleaning. 

Duct Cleaning Services in Southwestern OH

If you need air duct cleaning near Cincinnati, OH, contact Quality Comfort Home Services today at 513-620-4822! We offer flat-rate pricing based on the square footage of your home and NOT the number of vents you have. You’ll never get any surprise fees to actually clean your home’s entire ductwork system.