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Everything You Need to Know About AC Coil Cleaning

Types of coils in air conditioners

In a split system AC you have an indoor unit/furnace with an evaporator coil and an outdoor unit with a condenser coil. This condenser coil releases the heat outside the home. It is typically made of copper tubing that runs along aluminum fins or can also be aluminum coils.

Is AC coil cleaning necessary?

The short answer is – yes. These coils are essential to moving hot air across the unit so that it can become cool air. There is very tight spacing between coil fins.  Because there is so much air flow through the coil, lots of dust, dirt and debris gets built up in this part of the unit. Keeping the coils clean is necessary to ensure proper cooling. If air flow cannot get through this coil then the heat your AC is trying to remove from the home will get trapped. This will lead to a hotter temperature inside your home and your AC working overtime to try to maintain a cooler temperature. This, in turn, will also lead to increased energy bills and eventual system breakdown if not addressed in a timely manner.

How often does my AC coil need cleaned?

It is recommended to have your condenser coil cleaning performed annually. This remains true even if you replace your filters regularly. While this will help cut down on the debris that builds up on the coil, it will not completely eliminate it.

ac evaporator coil cleaning

Can I clean my AC coils myself?

It is possible to clean your own AC coil. However, it does require removing the top from the air conditioner unit and then replacing it once finished. If you are not experienced with how to do this correctly, it may be best to let a professional clean the air conditioner. The best method to clean the air conditioner coil is to use a garden hose and spray it from the inside out, making sure to remove any large debris by hand first.

How much does air conditioner coil cleaning cost?

Standard condenser coil cleaning is included with Quality Comfort’s AC maintenance which costs just $79 (or $0 for Total Care Club members). The only situation where a coil cleaning would not be included is in extreme instances where the coil has built up so much debris that it requires a chemical cleaning with a professional grade cleaner.

Cleaning with commercial AC coil cleaners

We do not recommend using coil cleaner unless your AC is so unclean that it is necessary. If it is used, be sure that it is rinsed completely or it will corrode the coil.

Ready to schedule air conditioner maintenance?

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