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Seeing water leaking from any part of your air conditioner is shocking and can lead to costly repairs if not addressed properly. The main question people have when seeing their air conditioner vent sweating is “what is causing this, and how do I stop it?” There are many different reasons that your AC vent may be leaking water into your home and figuring out the cause can save both time and money. Here, we’ll look at 4 of the main reasons you may see condensation coming from your AC vent.

1. Dirty Air Filters 

Not only will a dirty air filter in your air conditioner worsen the quality of air in your home, but it can also cause blockages and other backups causing your AC to leak or not function properly. When the air filter in your AC unit is dirty, the air is not able to pass through as well as it would normally. This can cause the coils to freeze, which not only makes your air conditioner blow less cool air, but once the unit is turned off and the pipes are able to thaw, the water escapes the unit by leaking out.

2. Improper Insulation Around Air Ducts 

Proper installation of the insulation around your air ducts and air conditioning vents is imperative to your AC unit’s efficiency, and improper installation can cause many problems besides just leaky AC vents. Unfortunately, most times this is not as easy of a fix. With improper insulation, the main way to fix it is to take out all existing insulation and replace it using more efficient installation techniques. 

3. Improper Sizing of Ductwork

Improperly sized or placed ductwork can cause a lack of airflow, which could lead to condensation buildup on the air conditioning vents.

4. Indoor Humidity is Too High 

Moisture occurs when a cold surface is exposed to humid air. If your AC supply vent has condensation on it, chances are your humidity inside the home is high. This can be due to the weather outside, the temperature you keep your home or other activities you may be doing often like cooking or showering without running a bath fan. If you cannot keep your humidity at a proper level when it’s hot outside, you may want to look into installing a whole home dehumidifier.

5. Airflow is insufficient

Besides the improperly sized ductwork we discussed above, there are many smaller reasons your airflow may not be adequate. A supply vent may be too big or too small. A return vent may be too small as well. The airflow could also be lacking due to an improper seal on the vent. This is what we often see in attics when condensation is occurring on the AC vent.

If your AC vent is leaking and you’re in need of solving this or other AC repair issues, we’re here to help! Our certified technicians are able to fix virtually any air conditioning problem, all for an affordable price. Think you need an AC tune-up or other service? Give us a call at (513) 620-4822.