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Seeing water leaking from your air conditioner is shocking and can lead to costly repairs if not addressed properly. The main question people have when seeing their air conditioner leak is “what is causing this, and how do I stop it?” There are many different reasons that your AC unit is leaking water into your home, and figuring out the cause can save both time and money. Here, we’ll look at five of the main reasons you may see water dripping from your AC vent.

Clogged Condensate Line 

To help keep your home cool, your AC unit takes the heat from inside your house and transfers it outside. In this process, the condensate line helps remove the condensation produced by the evaporator coil. If this line gets clogged, the condensation will have nowhere to go and force its way out of the unit through a leak. While regular AC maintenance and tune-ups will help keep this line clear, sometimes it gets overloaded and will not be able to remove the condensation.

Broken Condensate Pump

The condensate pump in your air conditioner is the part that takes the water and moves it through the condensate line to remove it from the system. Once the condensate reaches a certain level, the pump switches on and flushes it out of your air conditioner. If your condensate pump is broken, the built-up water will not be able to move through the condensate line and will accumulate inside the unit. This can easily cause a leak or cause water to drip from your AC vents.

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Dirty Air Filters 

Not only will a dirty air filter in your air conditioner worsen the quality of air in your home, but it can also cause blockages and other backups causing your AC to leak or not function properly. When the air filter in your AC unit is dirty, the air is not able to pass through as well as it would normally. This can cause the coils to freeze, which not only makes your air conditioner blow less cool air, but once the unit is turned off and the pipes are able to thaw, the water escapes the unit by leaking out.

A Refrigerant Leak 

Refrigerant, also known as freon or coolant, is one of the main components that help your home stay cool. The refrigerant gets moved around the AC unit and goes through both heating and cooling processes in order to produce the cold air you feel, and it is one of the most important parts in making sure your air conditioner is working properly. Similar to having a dirty air filter, a leak in the coolant can cause the evaporator coils to freeze and thaw, leaving a puddle of water in your home.

If there is a leak in your AC unit’s refrigerant, call an HVAC repair professional as soon as possible. Simply refilling the refrigerant in your unit won’t fix the leak or help prevent the coils from freezing again. 

Improper Insulation Around Air Ducts 

Proper installation of the insulation around your air ducts and air conditioning vents is imperative to your AC unit’s efficiency, and improper installation can cause many problems besides just a leak. Unfortunately, most times this is not as easy of a fix. With improper insulation, the main way to fix it is to take out all existing insulation and replace it using more efficient installation techniques. 

If your air conditioner is leaking and it isn’t due to one of these causes or others, we’re here to help! Our certified technicians are able to fix virtually any air conditioning problem, all for an affordable price. Think you need an AC tune-up or other service? Give us a call at (513) 620-4822.