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Toilet Running All the Time?

Is your toilet running incessantly? Beyond the annoyance, it can lead to higher bills and potential damage. Explore four common reasons for a continuously running toilet, from a tangled flapper chain to float and fill valve issues. Before calling a plumber, discover simple troubleshooting tips for a quick fix.

Here are four of the main reasons your toilet keeps running:

1. Flapper chain is too short or tangled


If this happens the flapper will not be able to close, and water will continue to leak into the bowl slowly and cycle on and off. If this is your issue, you may notice that you have to hold the lever down for an extended period of time to complete a flush.

2. Float may be set incorrectly

If the float is set too high then too much water will spill into the toilet, causing it to fill into the overflow tube and keep the toilet running.

3. Fill valve problem

Toilet fill valves help to refill the toilet tank to the correct water level after you flush. If there is a problem with the fill valve, too much water may be allowed into the tank, causing it to run constantly.

4. Flapper may need replaced

Toilet flappers are the leading cause of leaking or running toilets. They are the rubber mechanism found inside the tank. They control the amount of water released into the bowl. They tend to wear out more often if you use the drop-in bleach tablets. All toilet flappers are not universal. They can range in size between 2 and 4 inches. In order to function properly, the flapper needs to be the correct size for your toilet.

Before calling for a plumber for your toilet, go ahead and shut off the water supply line if you are able.


A running toilet may stem from issues like a tangled flapper chain, incorrect float settings, fill valve problems, or a worn-out flapper. Troubleshoot these common causes before considering professional assistance for a quick and cost-effective resolution.

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