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What’s up with mini-split heat pumps? They contain relatively new technology that makes them simpler to install than traditional HVAC systems, particularly when there is no existing ductwork. Some of our competitors see mini-splits as just a system for add-on rooms or when you can’t use ductwork, but at Quality Comfort Heating & Cooling, we see their true potential.

These days, an important objective in building or remodeling a home is to make it as energy-efficient as possible. Mini-split heat pumps have been used worldwide for many years, but have also been rapidly gaining acceptance in the Cincinnati area.

Mini-split condenser installation in Cincinnati.

Most often mini-split heat pumps are un-ducted or have limited ducting. They can be single zone (one indoor unit matching up or one outdoor unit), or multi-zome with 2 - 8 indoor units fed from a single outdoor unit.

Because they can be effectively zoned, and because there is no typical ductwork, according to the US Department of Energy ductless systems can be 30% more efficient for both heating and air conditioning. In the past, it was thought that heat pumps were not effective when outdoor temperatures got colder, but that is no longer the case. New LG mini-split heat pumps have models that can heat efficiently with outdoor temperatures as low as -14°F.

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LG Excellence

Particularly in renovations or new construction mini-split heat pumps are much simpler and less expensive to install because they only require a 3” line run between the outdoor and indoor units. They also offer:

  • Cleaner healthier indoor air with plasma air purifying technology
  • Better air circulation with computer-controlled louvers and fan speeds
  • Custom temperature control with remote controls for each indoor unit, and powerful App-based features to let you interact with your LG mini-split heat pump from anywhere through your Apple and Android mobile device

What more, in recent years LG has developed several choices for indoor units. So now you can choose between traditional high-wall outlets, or mini-air handlers, recessed ceiling units, or even different color choices.

Mini-split systems are a great choice, but you need a company that is properly trained in their use and is fully committed to supporting this exciting new technology. Quality Comfort Heating and Cooling is that company. With EPA certified installers, and LG factory-trained service tech’s, we can help you decide if a new LG mini-split heat pump is your best choice.

And if you decide a new LG heat pump is in your future our professional installation and maintenance will ensure that your system is both the ultimate efficient heating and cooling system, and also reliable and effective for many years to come.

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