May 2, 2019

Benefits of a Whole Home Dehumidifier

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Optimum relative humidity range for human comfort and health

A dehumidifier serves to take moisture out of the air, making the summer months much more bearable and less hot in the home. Besides comfort, there are many other benefits to using a dehumidifier to remove excess humidity.

  1. A controlled humidity level will reduce allergens
  2. Low humidity makes it less likely you will develop mold in your home
  3. Less humid air will lower energy costs because your AC system won’t have to work as hard to remove moisture from the air to cool it
  4. Dehumidifiers help to reduce dust in the home

The ideal relative humidity in your home should be about 40-50%. You can see from the chart below, if you are far above or far below these levels there are various side effects that could occur.

Signs of High Humidity in Your Home

Here are some things to watch out for that may indicate the humidity in your home is too high.

  1. Water stains
  2. Rooms that feel warmer and have poor ventilation
  3. Condensation on the windows
  4. Mold growth
  5. Musty odors

We use a hygrometer to test the humidity levels in your home. You can even purchase this yourself from places like Amazon.

Difference between whole house dehumidifier and single room

A whole home dehumidifier is going to make your whole home comfortable, rather than just a single room. The reason for this is the difference in capacity. Whole house dehumidifiers can remove more moisture from the air in less time. Portable models also do not work as well in cooler temperatures, such as the basement. Often, this is the very room where dehumidifiers are needed the most. Fixing a portable dehumidifier is also difficult to do, as replacement parts are not readily available. These units are only built to work for a brief period of time and then will just need to be replaced entirely rather than repaired, making their overall cost high when they need to be replaced every 1-2 years. Finally, you will not need to perform any upkeep on your in-duct dehumidifier, unlike a portable dehumidifier. With the portable models, you will need to empty the condensate bucket or attach a hose for continuous use.

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You can read more about some of our dehumidifiers on our healthy air service page.