Quality Comfort Home Services is the expert in removing pet hair and debris from air ducts and dryer vents!

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  1. An 8-inch circle will be cut into the supply and the return to connect our vacuum and access the entire trunk line. This is the most effective way to ensure that all of the supply and returns get cleaned completely and efficiently.
  2. Your duct cleaning technician will insert a hose into each individual supply and return vent, cleaning each thoroughly. They will also ensure the vents are free of any blockage and clean them of any loose material.
  3. Once each vent has been cleaned by hand with hoses then the professional grade equipment will put the entire air duct system under negative pressure and clean the vents and main trunk line with high pressured air to force all dirt and debris into a high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuum.
  4. Next your air duct cleaning expert will then apply an anti-microbial spray throughout the entire duct work system. This works as whole-home sanitation (and a lightly scented deodorizer) that will eliminate germs and bacteria that may be growing in your ductwork and leave you with a fresh smell. This all helps to ensure the air coming from your ducts is clean, fresh and healthy to breathe.

*In certain situations, our RAM Air system may be used instead of HEPA vacuum.

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First floor vents: $149   

Second floor vents: $199


Quality Comfort cleans your dryer vent line from the outside in. We use one or both of two types of different systems to complete your vent cleaning depending upon the setup of your dryer vent. The first system is compressed air with a specific fitting while the other is a powered rotary brush. Both of these cleaning processes do a thorough job and clean the entire line that a standard DIY dryer vent kit may not be able to reach well, especially if your dryer line twists and turns. If there are multiple turns or your vent is especially long, then the compressed air will work to push all the debris from the turns.

Here is what you can expect during your dryer vent cleaning. First, we will perform a pre-clean airflow test. This tells us how quickly your dryer is venting out air. Then, we will turn your dryer on and use the brush or compressed air system multiple times until the vent line is clean. Next, we will perform a post-clean air flow test. This will allow us to see the change in the airflow from before the clean versus after. During your clean we will also be checking your dryer vent termination for any damage.

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