Cincinnati Furnace Maintenance & Inspections

Furnace Tune-Ups in Cincinnati

Quality Comfort Heating & Cooling is your local furnace tune-up specialist! Our team of heating technicians can take care of your furnace tune-up and maintenance needs! Call Quality Comfort Heating & Cooling today to schedule the service you need!

Quality Comfort Heating & Cooling provides furnace tune-ups in Cincinnati, service and preventative maintenance to all makes and models of gas furnaces in Cincinnati.

Included in your annual maintenance is also a furnace cleaning. We vacuum and clean out the dust and dirt that has built up in the unit.

We recommend having your furnace maintenance completed annually in the Fall before you first turn on your furnace for the heating season. This allows us to be there when it gets turned on for the first time and to be able to thoroughly check the system for any possible issues and proactively solve the problem before it starts.

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Furnace Tune-Up

Furnace Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Quality Comfort Heating & Cooling knows that when it comes to home comfort in the winter, you rely on your furnace.

Regular tune-ups reduce repairs over the life of a system. Fewer repairs mean your heating system costs less to operate. Not only that, a properly maintained furnace runs more efficiently for longer, sometimes lasting twenty years or more. By cleaning, inspecting connections, lubricating moving parts, checking system controls and ductwork, the specialists from Quality Comfort will save you money on both utility bills and system breakdowns.

Furnace Inspection Checklist

  • Check flue system for safety & carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check return & air filter
  • Lubricate motors and bearing as necessary
  • Check all parts for visible wear & tear
  • Check gas train and all electrical components/connections for safety
  • Test thermostat operation
  • Clean and check heat pump assembly if necessary
  • Check proper burner ignition and efficiency
  • Confirm complete system operation and safety